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As I mentioned yesterday I went to Hawksmoor for steak and espresso martinis after having a little wander around central London. It was very weird as it was not THAT busy… Well not that busy considering it’s London and Bank Holiday. I was really late so pulled on the first thing I picked out my wardrobe which was this Girls on Film Dress. It’s a totally cute light blue printed shift dress. It kinda reminds me of blue china but not quite. I threw on my Forever 21 jacket, popped some badass shades on and ran out the door. I have a feeling blue is going to be my summer colour as I'm so gravitated to all shades of it at the moment! I especially like pale blue, its super flattering on blondes - especially with a red lipstick pop! Hawksmoor was great as per usual. I've talked about it before so I won’t go into detail about it! We went before 7 and had the express menu which is £24 for two courses (three is £26) and it’s worth every single penny. I had to wander around for a good 30 mins after to make my food go down as I was so full!