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Citroën DS3 by Benefit is a seriously feminine car choice for modern women – bold yet playful. Immerse yourself in the new Citroën DS3 by Benefit and the new season’s look inspired by it here:

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This weekend Citroën trusted me with their brand new Citroën DS3 DSign by Benefit to go on a road trip. Armed with two friends, two cameras, google maps and a tank of petrol we set out on the road to go to Brighton. I've been to Brighton a few times and I love it, and admittedly I really just wanted to be by the sea. There's something about taking a road trip to the seaside that really excites me. It reminds me of all the times my parents would take us to the beach and despite it always being freezing cold - we'd have the best times.

As with most UK beach trips the weather wasn't great but the company was on point. Dal and Zoe are two of the best people I know so what better than to spend a day singing Busted while grooving along in the car! We were stuck in traffic for ages so we didn't actually get into Brighton till quite late in the day. We headed over to the arcade on the Pier to waste some money and take in some of the seaside vibes. Dal showed off her Dance Dance Revolution skills (she was amazing) and Zoe played Guitar Hero (she was also pretty good) and I just put loads of 2p's in those machines. Although funnily enough I ended up winning the jackpot on one of the machines and ended up with 500 odd tickets towards a prize. I've been trying to get one of the Pac Man ghosts from claw machines for ages and I finally got one! I was so chuffed (and broke) at the end of it! But I'm glad I finally managed to get one... although maybe it would have been cheaper just to buy myself one! There's a satisfaction factor in beating a claw machine though!

After we then wandered around the seafront and around the Lanes, but it was so late everything was pretty much closed. Then being typical Londoners we headed to Meat Liquor for burgers and fries. The Meat Liquor in Brighton is so much nicer than the ones in London. It feels like a proper psychedelic trip and really well thought out compared to the flagship in London which reminds me too much of a prison. Full o' burgers we headed back to London after a day of giggles and fun. Having a car is awesome as it really makes me feel free and like I'm able to do whatever I want to do. Thats one thing I majorly miss in London is not having the ability to just hop in my car and drive away for a bit.

Citroën have collaborated with Benefit to create two cars inspired by cult Benefit products. I was given the Citroën DS3 DSign, inspired by the iconic Benetint. The black and red car has the Gabbi silhouette on the key fob and sides, and with each purchase includes a fully kitted out make-up bag in the glove compartment. Pretty cool for a car huh! This car is available on the Citroën boutique on ASOS! You can even check the car out and request their test drives straight from the ASOS site.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Citroen via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Citroen.
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