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The reason I actually went to Munich late this week was to find out a bit more about Stylight. Stylight is a website and app which aims to inspire you guys by showcasing looks created by the community, bloggers, all while helping consumers discover great products from various brands. Think of it like a fashion mood board, where you can get inspiration for looks without the hassle of trying to source the items. I see Stylight it's sort of like a "shop the look" type thing - by having bloggers and "real" people showcasing their looks and what they like and then making it fully shoppable. It's kinda hard to explain but its not a retailer or a fashion platform, its just a sort of go-between the two.

I had the pleasure of visiting their offices which I think are uber cool. Up there with my favourite brand offices that I've visted (ASOS is my other favourite!). Think super white, lots of quirky detail and even a swing! They had some of the best red velvets I've tasted too, not too super sweet or sickly! Just the right balance. Of course us bloggers loooove a cupcake or two! Zoe and I also attended a super exclusive party to celebrate the launch of their new TV commercial, which was pretty darn fancy. The club was one of the "coolest" in Munich and it was jam packed with press, bloggers and special guests. Obviously Im not up to date on my German celebs so who knows who I may have been chatting to! You can see the advert here, but its not in English so you might have to bust out some rusty GCSE German skills!