ikea haul
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Okay so the title might be a tiny bit misleading as it's not really a room tour. More of a decorative  overview? Doesn't have the same ring to it does it. But I've been pestered and pestered to show more of my bedroom after posting this Ikea Haul over on my Youtube Channel. I do think room tours are weird, the idea of showing people where I keep all my nice things and how many of those nice things I have troubles me. I always wonder why beauty guru's are burgled more. Even more so after hearing a fair few of my blogger friends have their addresses leaked online. I even noticed that people were trying to figure out where Zoella's flat is from the background of her videos. Just plain weird. But, saying that I don't mind sharing some snaps of a few corners of my bedroom!

As you can tell from these snaps of my bedroom I have a different taste than the average blogger. I think most people go for the sophisticated clean, minimal look or the super girl girl thing and my taste is kinda... eclectic? I really like bright white furniture but tons of different bits and bobs. A lot of the things I have in my bedroom I keep as they have different meanings to me at various points in my life. It's not JUST a hodgepodge of knickknacks and candles. I cant be bothered to list where everything is from but if you do have any questions about where items are from then I'll reply in the comments!

Remember to head over to my Youtube Channel to check out the Ikea Haul or you can see it above in this post.