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I'm currently sitting in my hotel in Munich with Zoe, shes hassaling for me to go film a video for her so I'll keep it breif! I've taken so many photos already of Munich and I'm here for another full day including a party tonight... So expect some pic heavy posts in the next few days. We had to get up at 3am so my brain isn't functioning enough to actually write about what I've been up to. But the general gist is German Food, Beer, Sausage and a trip to the Stylight Office!

I started my Munich Wardrobe off with a green fur coat I actually bought to wear at LFW. However due to a Post Office error I didn't get it in time so it went to the back of my wardrobe waiting for the right time to debut it. This outfit was actually inspired by a outfit I saw someone wearing when I was in Paris a few months ago. They were wearing the most gorgeous peacock green over sized fur coat, it was much larger and fluffier (if thats even possible!) than this one and it looked so dreamy. I spent weeks looking for a similar one to recreate this look I couldn't get out of my head. Then this popped up on eBay on one of my man searches and I snapped it straight up. It was £40 but it retailed for like $150, so it's not THAT bad in terms of price. A statement piece but something I'm so glad I finally got my paws on!