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My eBay Collections

I love eBay. Whenever I see something in a shop I love but cant quite bring myself to pay full price for I head over to the site. It's the same when things eventually sell out and I trawl eBay for hours looking for items from the past. I STILL search for those original Emma Cook for Topshop Boots even though they came out about 8 years ago. eBay is awesome for bagging a bargain and finding new and quirky little things. But sometimes, isn't it all a bit overwhelming?

eBay Collections is a exciting new way to shop on eBay! While auctions and trawling through search results are fun and often rewarding, sometimes its nice to just browse. eBay Collections are a pinnable-ish feature that adds a interactive and visual element to shopping. The basic idea is that each collection has a theme and you if you see something you like, you bookmark it by adding it to collection. Then you can go back and look through all your added items and click straight through to buy. All ready and waiting for you!

A great feature of the Collections is that you are able to go through and look at what other people are adding to their personal collections or search themes for inspiration. I know a ton of bloggers are doing this campaign,  but if you wanted to see mine you can view my Collections here. It's 12 boards all showcasing my current eBay lusts! My personal favourite boards are the Boot Edit (I’ll take one of each in size 5), Little Black Bags and the Skater Chic board. All pretty much sum up my personal style at the moment. I’ll be updating my boards and adding to them regularly so do keep your eye on them and follow them so you can see when new things are added. I think it’s a fun, visual element to the shopping experience. It’s sweet to get inspiration from others and to see what other bargains people are scoping out online! eBay can be a big ol' place sometimes so it's cool seeing what other people are coveting!