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As it’s Monday I decided it was time to pick myself up out of my feeling sorry for myself slump and actually do some things. I’m heading over to Ikea with Mandy and Jon to buy new stuff for my house as well as waste money on things I don’t really need but do want quite a lot. Better than another pair of black boots no? I'm going to vlog it so, be sure to keep an eye out for that.

I think all black is the best way to go when lazy dressing. You cant really tell but the trousers have a elephant print and have a really subtle sheen to them that gives them a laid back but refined feel. The shoes are something that I was gifted over LFW and wore them on the first day. I waited for my feet to be blistred and bleeding by the end of the day but nope - absolutely fine. Which is refreshing as the shoes I wore the next day tore my feet up!