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We shot these photos before we went into Ikea the other day. Im so happy with how they came out considering I was just posing my some ugly rusted sculpture thing. I like the warmth it brings to the photos. Believe it or not I've never worn Jamie Jeans from Topshop. They see to have bypassed my jeans radar, until they gifted me this pair before the Topshop Unique show. I love the fit, style and the colour. A true black unlike some jeans which seem to be off black. They are super soft too, kinda like jeggings but not if you get me. They just feel super comfortable and really flattering on. Definitely my new favourite pair of jeans!

My life has taken a spiral and Im off to Munich tomorrow which is a bit of a shock to the system. It's a last min trip with Zoe ( BTW go check her new blog!) to go visit the people at Stylight. I've always wanted to go to Munich so I'm excited for a little trip away!