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SO, I went to The Brit Awards a few nights ago. It was a really strange experience after watching it TV for years and years ever since I was a child. Therefore being part of the experience was very surreal and incredibly unexpected. We were to have a sit down meal and then head on to watch the live show. My hair was done by Vo5, and my makeup was done by Revlon. My lips were the Revlon Colour Burst Matte Crayon in Audacious, a pretty peppy matte orange red (I've reviewed them all here). I picked this Topshop dress last minute as the dress I had planned on wearing was too big for me when I got it home. I need to stop over estimating my size! A quick run around Topshop and I found a matching bag from Paul's Boutique of all places. I usually think their bags are hideous and tacky -  but this reversible clutch was too cute to not get. It turns inside out to a really pretty sky blue which will be perfect for my spring wardrobe. I'd only brought my boots with me for shoes as I had planned on finding something floatier to wear rather than a structured dress, none the less they worked well! It was either these or my Vans and I don't think they;d have worked at all.

I was crossing my fingers for a Jarvis Cocker moment, but alas nothing like that happened. Although I didn't even notice Alex Turners speech, nor did I even realise Niall's Beiber blip. None the less I did I spend most of the night dying over Prince and mega zooming on One Direction. I dont even understand why I like the idea of seeing One Direction in person. I really dont dig their music, although it's catchy as hell. It;s more the whole hype around them, super contagious. Prince is literally the coolest man ever and I think I kept telling Emma THIS IS SO GOODAM COOL over and over again. It felt like it was all over so quickly despite seeing all these bands in such quick succession. I do admit that the highlight of my night was when Pharell came on at the end. He's just so awe-inspiring, and everyone was dancing in their seats!

After me and Emma went to an after party, played croquet and then had some bits from the Chocolate Fountain before finding our carriages and heading home! Was a really good night made even better by the company of Ree & Emma, who are always a pleasure to hang out with! Major thanks to Revlon for taking us along for the ride. We had a blast!

My legs look super patchy, and I can confirm they arent - Just the terrible low lit photo and me trying to compensate with filters! Although a few wines and lots of champs later I probably did look a streaky mess! Damn you instant tan! Amirite?