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It’s no secret that I was a little emo kid when I was younger. So I think the last time I saw Taking Back Sunday was around 2004-2005. I do think its kinda hilarious that its 2014 and Im seeing Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy all in the same year but y'know. Life. I’m starting to feel like my dad when it comes to music! None the less I went over to Koko in Camden to go see them play a UK date. Honestly... It was awesome. It had the potential to be unbelievably cringe - Playing angsty emo in your 30’s isn't really going to be the same as when you first wrote it. None the less it could have been better than the previous times I’d seen them. Mainly because Adam wasn't a drunken mess!

They played all their classics, mixed with some of their more recent stuff and their new song. They even played my personal favourite TBS song - Set Phasers to Stun. I kept asking myself “Do they even HAVE anymore songs left to play?”, Every one was such a tune. I felt a bit giddy when they started the opening to You’re So Last Summer, and Timberwolves at New Jersey had lost none of it’s charm. For me, there was so many emotions and feelings attached to these songs and lyrics, so it was kinda nostalgic and bittersweet at the same time. It’s weird because overall it didn’t feel odd, I’ve seen bands that I saw back in the day now, and I’ve always felt there was something missing. Like things weren’t quite right. But it just felt natural y’know. It didn’t seem fake or forced, or they didn’t want to be there (I’m looking at you At The Drive in). Also - I’ve never been an Adam Lazzara girl, I felt strangely attracted to him last. Maybe it was all those mic swings that made me giddy. That man can certainly move about that stage!

I don’t think I’ve been so pumped after seeing a gig for so long, I was buzzing. I was hoping to get photos of the gig itself, but being an idiot (and so out of the gig loop) I didn’t actually remember that I’d need a photo pass as I was taking my SLR! So I actually have no photos of the band but I did take some videos which you can see on my Instagram! I’ve popped a playlist of my favourite Taking Back Sunday songs in the bottom of this post for anyone who’s not familiar with them, or just want a reminder of the Myspace days!