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Events tonight then photoshoot tomorrow. My motivation for life has been serverly lacking today, but I think its down to the fact I somehow managed to bosh about 10 blog posts out in the middle of the night yesterday. I always feel more inspired in the evening but last night I had this sudden urge that I needed to write some posts so write I did. Also pre-LFW prepping, trying to decide if I'm actually going backstage, finalise all my brand work I'm doing and actually decide what to wear. I always get a pre fashion week tis. To make my life sound even more glamourous (as I type this in my PJ's) I'm also going to The Brits the week after which is a weird dream come true but something I never ever wanted to do in the first place. Y'get me. Like the idea of going is surreal and I've always wanted to go but I never even thought it would be something I'd actually do. Much like seeing Jay Z. I literally have no idea what Im typing right now so I'm going to leave y'all to admire my outfit. Love you soooo much! (:

Oh and also just for another casual brag to add to this already over braggy post, I was named one of the top 10 fashion bloggers in the UK by Cision! How bloody cool is that.