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Well, where do I start when it comes to yesterday. Few shows (photos above are of Holly Fulton), work and then I went to see Foals at Ally Pally. Busy but fun but then it all took a bit of a turn for the worse. Foals was awesome, although they didn't play Cassius which is possibly one of my fave songs. But I do guess its quite a old now so it’s understandably. It was all over in a blur to be honest. A mixture of being tired and post fashion weekend!

Then when I got back to my hotel room my door was broken. After almost five hours of them trying to open the door, I admitted defeat and got a cab home. They eventually offered me another room in a different hotel but that wasn't a solution to the fact I didn't have any of my things including my phone charger, glasses or my outfit for today (Sunday)! I know it's petty but not having simple things like that really stressed me out, upset me and eventually made me break down in tears! Ruddy annoying.

Obviously as you guys know I live in London but I was offered a few nights stay in a central London hotel with a brand I'm doing work for. I wasn't going to turn something like that down. In theory it would have been easier as I had a central base. But the door was unexplainably broken and there was nothing the hotel could do. At first they kept telling me they would fix it and it would be fine and I was very patient despite being exhausted.

What have I learned? It may take 45 mins from my house to Somerset House but at least I can get in and out as I please! Never been so happy to see the back of that place!