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Yesterday was a big day for me. I know some peoples dream shows are Burberry or Tom Ford, or even Chanel but mine has always been Topshop Unique. I don't know why but the hughstreet brand has always been a big deal to me. Maybe because it's super wearable and really easy to wear. Plus it's always nice to see how much of a buzz a high-street label can produce. And this year was no such exception. So imagine what it was like to actually I get invited and actually got to sit in the show. I was so nervous and to make things even sweeter they offered to dress me for it. Which again is a pretty big deal for me because it’s something that I’d never imagined happening to me. In the grand scheme of fashion blogging, Im really not that high up.  It’s just mega to think that I would be attending something that meant so much to me. Overwhelming and just crazy.

I don’t really have any good pics from the show. Taking pics during the show are always a risk as sometimes they don't turn out that well. I did post a video on my Instagram a video of the finale. The show itself. Topshop Unique AW14 was a mix of schoolyard inspired pieces with a modern twist. Think pinafores, puffa coats and the occasional backpack. It was heavily influenced by the 70's, with a ton of thigh skimming skirts, over the knee boots and super preppy vibes. The colours were the colours of the season, lots of tones of blue, greys, and rusty browns. The dresses were demure and paired with puffa jackets, camel coats. Tons of shearling and fur, with hints of scandinavian influences dotted throughout. I really liked the whole show, it was super wearable and really relatable. I can definitely see a few of those pieces making their way into my autumn winter wardrobe!

I had a last minute panic after taking these photos because my skirt looked really short. Much shorter than I remembered it being during my fitting, but we rolled with it! The jumper was something I'd already looked into getting for LFW I decided against it, before my personal shopper talked me into it! I actually really like it and think it's super wearable, I don't really know what was putting me off before. I've also found a new love in the form of this green bag, I mentioned a while ago my wardrobe lacked green and this is the perfect addition. I do love a statement bag - as we all know - and this is the perfect little colour pop to my usual monochromatic taste. I wanted an edgy hairstyle to go with my outfit so went for a quirky side braided look courtesy of Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe.