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monki jumper

primark hat

topshop bag
topshop boots*
primark jeans  (customised)

Not the most exciting outfit but hey, there is nothing better than a jeans a jumper combo every now and then. Admittedly I've been sporting this combo for a while, and I should really snap out of comfort dressing and get back experimenting a little more!

As I mentioned in yesterdays video, I'm moving house soon so Im going to be doing a huge wardrobe clear out of all the things that I dont wear as much as I should do. Being a fashion blogger I literally have so much stuff, more than you're average girl on the street so every now and again I like to just get rid of it all and start again. Well not it all... Im still clinging onto an old Panic! At the Disco tshirt I bought when they first came out.  I'm not 100% sure where Im going to try and sell them, probably not eBay as it's so much hassle these days. If you have any reccomendations for places I could sell stuff then do leave them in comments!