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Today my new pal Jon came round to shoot some outfits with me and hang out for a bit. It's so nice having new friends who can help me out with bloggy related things as well as hanging out together at the same time! Taking outfits myself is harder than it seems. Anyway... Here is what I wore today. The coat is something I've had for ages but my housemate has kindly borrow-sorta-kept. It's ever so slightly too big for my frame so I think that is why I was put off it. Despite this I really like it and it's reminds me I need to find a coat like this at some point. It's been on my list of things to buy forever, but I love the simplicity of it. Then I wore this check drop waist "smock" from Choies. Which is not only scandalously short but not smock style on me at all. It does only come in one size and that's definitely not Lily Melrose size!

PS. Last photo is just for fun ;)