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Another rain soaked outfit with rained on hair to match. Will it ever be summer again.... then again lets face it come summer I'll be whining about how it's too hot or how sweaty I look. Cant win! I bought this jumper from Forever 21 recently as I really liked the mix of sportswear and I kinda liked the slogan. I dont really like them as a rule, most of the time I think they can be a bit lame but there was something about this one that I didn't find too cringe. Although maybe it is a bit cringe and I'm trying to justify it because it reminds me of a Michael Cera movie. Anyone remember that movie? I cant even remember what happened. Here's the post I did about when I went to see it with my boyfriend at the time. And now Im laughing about how much I did fangirl over Rivers tweeting me and I completely forgot about when they Gap Yah guy tweeted me. Oh life.