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Gaucho - 25 Swallow St, London W1B 4QR

My Mum has come down to London for her birthday weekend, and she asked me to pick where I wanted to go to dinner. Obviously I wanted to choose somewhere that I love and enjoy eating at, but also somewhere that was suitable for my Mum and Step Dad. Hawksmoor is my favourite place for steak in London, but I couldn’t get a booking so late on a Friday evening. Therefore I went with Gaucho - my second favourite steak place.

Gaucho is a typical upmarket Argentinian steak house just off Regent Street. It’s quite a dark, menacing sort of look with chandeliers, leather and cow hide. It’s dark and moody with quite a night club style feel about it, which I didn’t remember and was a bit worried when we walked in. We sat down and ordered some cocktails, I had an espresso martini as they are my all time favourites! It was rich and smooth without a horrible bitter aftertaste you can often get with espresso martinis. It went down so smoothly I just had to have another.

 I had the rump steak (300g, medium) with chips and peppercorn sauce. My standard order for most steak places. I have no complaints about. I’ve had it a fair few times before so I knew was I was going to be getting and this time was no exception. It's super juicy and beefy with loads of flavour. I had to really force my way through the last few bites as it was such a huge slab of meat! But I managed to chomp my way throught the delicious peice of beef and after I felt quite full and satisfied!

My parents really liked the food, although I think it was a bit too noisy for them on reflection and Hawksmoor would have bee a little less trendy for them! Overall I love Gaucho , and I’d totally recommend going here if you’ve ever looking for an awesome steak place in London. It’s reasonably priced with a ton of different meaty options to suit your carnivorous needs!