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vagabond boots
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vintage sunglasses

We'll file this one under "not the best outfit I've ever worn". I like it, but its just a bit frumpy. Comfort over style. I literally woke up got dressed took outfit photos and ran out my door. Today its been almost non stop since Aerys decided to wake me up at 6am. Meetings, appointments and then having to go to the passport office (fingers crossed I get a new one before next week - Im going to Paris) has left me DRAINED. I haven't been sleeping the past few days and this is probably day 4 on about 6 hours sleep in total. Not good. Hence my new pair of sunglasses which cover my unsightly bag.     Regardless of all that, I'm off to get my hair and nails done with my friend Mandy at the Cheeky Parlour and then on for some food. I might actually change now I have a few seconds to think about life!