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topshop jacket
Regal rose rings*
vagabond boots
ciate white nail polish*

Tonight Im off to a Pinned it Made it even with Lush so that should be good.  I'll share more on that tomorrow!  Been so busy today and I'm still nowhere near done ticking everything off my list. To top things off I've only gone and lost the bar for my rook piercing so fingers crossed by the time I go get a new bar (shortly after this) it wont have healed up. I went through so much pain persevering with that piercing! For the record it's the most painful piercing I've ever had!

I got this mini satchel bag from the guys at New Look yesterday, which is going to me my new camera bag. It fits my SLR in perfectly with a bit of extra room for a few other essentials (lipstick, powder, debit card!). I've really struggled to find a camera bag that isnt hideously ugly! So this one is really cool, chic and simple all while begin super practical on days when I lug my huge SLR around with me!