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Can we just take a moment to take in... this kimono is from New Look. Now many moons ago I used to work at New Look, in fact for a long period of time I worked at New Look and ran the blog at the same time (here's a photo of me wearing my badge) I used to hate it because I could never ever find clothes that fit my style in the shop. So I ended up wearing non-New Look stuff... despite being the VM. Like other UK Highstreet brands New Look is getting better at being a bit more fashion forward and less... mumsy... frumpy... dated? No, Mumsy isn't the right word but their whole range I found to be quite bland and uninteresting. Apart from party season where it was ALL THE SPARKLES. I have a New Look haul on its way, which I'll film in the next few days of some of the things I picked up from their online store. All of which prompted "THATS NOT FROM NEW LOOK" from my housemate when I gave her a real life haul. I'll post that over  on my channel in the next few days. But yeah. I really love this kimono, the longer length makes it perfect for layering and it's also something I can rock during the summer!

Also thought I'd include a little Aerys update. I took her to the vets yesterday as she hasn't really been herself the past two days. Just more sleepy and generally a bit unenthusiastic. Being the worried mother, I took her down so if she does have anything wrong with her they'll know soon. She's been okay today though. She followed me outside when I was snapping my images, so I had to give her a quick cuddle before making her go back inside. She's getting neutered soon (no change of me being a kitty grandmother - sob!)
PS. These images look so different from how they do on my computer thanks to Google + and them having to ruin everything. ARGH.