new look haul

AS the great Fred Durst once said gotta keep hauling' hauling' hauling'... or words to that effect anyway. I may be misquoting him slightly. But I decided to film a haul video of some of the things I picked up a few weeks ago from New Look. I've featured some of the items in this video already on the blog so check back the past week or so to see how I've styled some of the pieces. Watch above or watch on Youtube. Please remember to subscribe to my channel and like the video if you enjoyed it! I'll be posting my videos on a Sunday for the foreseeable future so that is the best time to check back for new fashion related videos. I do plan on doing blog style videos during the week on the odd occasion so if you like my vlogs... just subscribe if you wanna be updated haha! You guys probably know the drill by now! Hope you like it!