So I joined the full time glasses wearing club late last year. I've worn glasses on and off for the past 10 years - mainly for reading and driving but since I've had to commit to specs on a regular basis. I've had to adapt my makeup a bit. Glasses are often a bit in your face, especially mine as they are quite thick and black. They are the thing people notice first when looking at your face as I don't want to hide behind the glasses. I found that if I wanted to make my makeup the focus, I had to adapt my makeup look slightly, Here are my findings...

Statement Lip:

I love going all out on my lips whenever I've got my glasses on. Try a shade that packs just enough punch to contrast with your frames. On me I like red lips because with my frames, it gives that sort of old school pin-up come rockabilly vibe. I also really like bright pink lips with my glasses, to give a cheeky pop of neon. I feel like because my eyes are so framed adding a pop of colour to the face makes such a difference.

Bold Brows:  

I'm blessed with a strong brow, but I've noticed that I need to make sure my brows are tidy and well groomed. Although brows can also be often hidden by frames, It's important to keep them looking sharp and bold, despite being partially obscured. You don't need to make them a statement but keeping them from getting lost is a must.

Curl Up:

Lashings of mascara and use a lash curler to curl them up to the sky. Behind the lenses, its really easy for lashes to get lost so going heavy on mascara is a must! Unless you have super long lashes, it's not that likely you're eyelashes are going to bash against your glasses so don't worry too much about that. I often see glasses wearers talk about wearing less mascara, but I find its made no difference to my glasses and they don't smudge the lens Don't forget the bottom lashes either!

Beat the Bags:

Glasses can often amplify under eye circles so using a heavy duty concealer or a highlighting one to reflect light is a great cheat sheet. Perfect for keeping your eyes looking fresh and awake without any unsightly bags or darkness.
Do you have any tips for glasses wearers?