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barry m 47 lipstick

Dal was sick off work today, so I roped her into taking my outfit photos. She made me do some questionable poses (see here) but overall Im happy with how they turned out. She's getting much better at being the photographer. This was the girl who took the worst photo in the Barbican Rain Room ever and our friend Matt has never forgiven her for ruining the moment!

I chucked this outfit on to run errands and today. I had actually spent most of the morning in sportswear (see this post) before reminding myself that I needed to get changed and sort myself out. Even though I work from home, I always have to get ready and sort myself out before I feel like I can actually do any real work. My love for these Topshop Skate Shoes is still going strong. They are just so comfy and comfortable to wear - even if they do make me look like I’ve got cankles!

Aerys is on heat at the moment, and she’s crying out non-stop. I have to keep reminding myself that she’s fine and not in pain. Even though Im ridiculously worried about her. I had her booked in to get neutered in two weeks time, but she’s come into heat earlier than we thought. Therefore, I’m gonna have to deal with the little kitty hitting puberty for a bit. Bless her. I really need to do an updates post on her as I don't think I’ve shared anything to do with her on here apart from when I first got her!