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monki vest top
primark fedora
rimmel fancy a dip nail polish*

I really like this outfit. It's basically an outfit I'd put on to describe how I dress, mix of black, grey and white in various textures and print with a pop of colour in the form of a hat. It's a very simple and casual outfit but one of those outfits I always seem to be drawn to those types of outfits in this weather for comfort & warmth! Also wanted to make a note of these disco pants from New Look. I really really like them, they have the same look as Disco Pants without any of the being sucked in and can hardly move. Kinda like day time Disco Pants I guess! Theres a time and a place to be all sucked in and uncomfortable!

Tonight Im off to watch the latest Hobbit film, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I thought the first one was a bit slow paced, but a lot of people I know have said that this one is much better than the first. I've been so lazy today. I cant get back into the swing of working from home again. I filmed today which I'll edit tomorrow (its a haul video - subscribe to my channel!) and Im supposed to be filming with Zoe tomorrow which should be good. It's gonna be pretty fun I think!
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