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Today was my first officially day “back to work” after my "blogging break" for Christmas. I had a ton of emails and admin to to before getting fired up again for 2014. I want to say thanks for all your comments, feedback and emails from the post I did the other day. I’m gonna draw a line under it and move on. I often think that doing the whole deep/meaningful post thing can come across as either attention seeking or a little eye rolling. But it felt so cathartic just getting it all off my chest before moving forward into a new year. It’s nice to know a lot of people can relate to how I feel, so it doesn’t feel like Im the only person who can be successful but still also feel like they aren’t good enough.I actually wrote the first draft of that post back in June and only got around to editing and redoing it a few nights ago. Even after posting it I was having an anxiety attack at the thought of people knowing this stuff about me. I had a twitchy eye for most of New Years Eve!

For NYE, I went to a party with a bunch of Youtubers at Tom Milsons house with my friend Mandy. It was incredibly surreal being around people whom I watch on Youtube in such a social situation. I've never ever been to a party not knowing anyone, and although I'd met a few people before I didn't really know anyone at the party. It was so out of my comfort zone, but I knew that I wanted to go and I was determined to get 2014 off to a new start and make some new friends. It paid off as I had such a good night, tons of laughs and spent some time with people who I never ever imagined meeting. It was exactly what I imagined a Youtubey party to be like, Harlem Shake included.

So, Anyway. I ended up going for a walk late this afternoon and then went for dinner with a friend of mine at our favourite haunt - Hawksmoor. He said to me “we should go for the express menu at Hawksmoor” to which I replied “I was thinking the exact same thing!” Great minds. The best kind of friend. It’s £23 for two courses including their excellent started of potted beef and Yorkshire and then a good sized bit of steak. I then did a little bit of shopping with some of my Christmas vouchers before heading home to have a post new years pamper. My outfit was just a pretty standard check shirt, jumper, gilet to layer up affair. I’m going through a “I hate all my clothes” type thing at the moment, so I just begrudgingly decided to pop on whatever was on top of my floordrobe!