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Instead of my usual Sunday spiel I thought I’d finally get around to sharing my new years goals. I know this has been done to death the last week in the blogosphere but y’know. Sometimes writing stuff down might make you actually do it. I always have the best intentions for changing my life but who knows! I'm determind to at least give it a go...

001. Say Yes. Literally. To everything that I can do, well obviously there is restrictions. I’m going to say yes. I worry too much, which results in me not doing things because I worry what may or may not happen somewhere down the line. I want to say yes to things out of my comfort zone and trying a bit harder to explore more, try new things and gain new experiences.

002. Get better at video editing. This isn't anything too dramatic, but I really want to get better at editing videos and putting together cool stuff for my Youtube Channel. I’m getting a friend to help me out take some videos in the next few weeks so I can make some interesting and well put together Lookbook videos. I’ve been learning how to use Final Cut Pro the last few months and I think I’m alright at it now, I just want to get a bit better and work towards getting more technical editing skills. I also want to get some lighting and a new mic for my camera.

003. Get CBT for my pencil phobia. While it’s been an issue for me for years. It’s got worse of the last year to the point where I had to throw away all my pencil eyeliners and eyebrow pencils (which I was okay with before) because they were upsetting me too much. Once I had to get Zoe to come over to open a packet of stationary for me so I could use the ruler in it and she could throw the pencil away. I struggle to use non coated chopsticks as well which is a new thing. I think earlier in the year when I went to the Revlon Matte Crayon launch, and I had to email ahead asking about pencils (it was a crafting event) was a turning point for me and made me realise. I probably need to get over this irrational fear.

004. Meet new people! I really want, and NEED to meet new people. While I have a bunch of friends in London all of whom I love dearly, I think it’s time to expand my friendship circle and just put myself out there a bit more. Its really hard to meet people in London, a lot harder than you’d think considering its FULL of people. In started off the new year by going to a party not knowing anyone. Which was way out of my comfort zone but I ended hop having a fab time and meeting a ton of new friends. But I’m going to make a point to try and be more friendly and open with people.