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I was always a bit wary of wearing black and blue together. I think the rule is black and navy though? Right. I don’t know, but I quite like how it looks. I picked this denim button up dress in the Primark sale for a mere £5. I wasn't too sure about it originally, but my Mum was rushing me so I decided to get it anyway. I don't really like light denim, but at the same time I really liked this. It reminds me of something Alexa Chung would wear, I think I just needed a little nudge in the right direction!

I had a ton of meetings as well as taking Aerys to the vets today (we'll see how she is in a few days!) so I only managed to snap two images before having to run out the door in a huge rush. I then naughtily went shopping (AGAIN) for some new garms. I had so much to return that I bought before Christmas, Remember my two week rule. If I don't wear something within two weeks of buying it, I'll return it. Even if I really like it. I always think if I haven't worn it in that time period then the likelihood of me wearing it in the future is pretty slim. I also somehow managed to not actually not spend as much as I returned for a change. So that cancels it out.. kinda

Today is one of those days where my hair looks crappy. I still haven’t gotten the styling routine down yet so I literally have no idea what the correct way to style it. I think I use too many products that I use to use on my old hair, its so weird that my whole hair type has changed pretty much overnight! It looks a bit blocky. Hmpft. Lego haircut anyone?