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ebay sunglasses 

I've spent the majority of the day reminiscing with Zoe about how old we now are and how pretty much all out favourite albums came out about 10 years ago. I guess this is what it feels like to be my Dad. Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, Watch Out, Take this to your grave.. so weird.

Anyway this is what I wore today, I dont know why I decided to mix green pattern with my houndtooth boots. I kinda like it for some reason! it works in a weird clashy almost garish but not too garish kinda way. I also bought this cardigan from Monki before Christmas and I al;most took it back last week before realising how awesome it was. It's so warm and comfortable, with the long length adding a little bit of extra something something. I also just received a new pair of my favourite sunglasses ever (my old ones broke) from Zero UV on Ebay and I cant rave about them enough. The perfect bug-eyed look, covered up the fact I haven't slept all week and feel rotten! Thank goodness its the weekend!