Over the last few days of 2013, I'll be covering my top 5 products of the year. I'll be looking at my top 5 picks of skincare, face, eyes, lips, hair & more! Let me know your  top 2013 products from each category in the comments!
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xen tan dark lotion absolute luxe, estee lauder bronze goddess, nailene full cover nails in petite square, origins no puffery*, Real techniques contour Brush

Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe: This is still my self tanner of choice. The perfect not too orange tan that really warms up my olive skin tone without making me look like an oompha loompa. I also really liked the Xen Tan Morrocan Tan for serious deep dark tanning but this one edge over the finish line for me. I stopped fake tanning for winter, Therefore I cant wait to bust this out again! There is nothing I enjoy more than being all glowy and bronzed.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess: Long time readers…How much did I go on and on about this perfume in the summer? It was literally my favourite perfume in the world; therefore I quickly snapped up three bottles of stuff to tide me over till the next summer. The best way to describe it is basically summer in a bottle. Super coconutty, fresh, holiday-y and just oh so warming. Although not very seasonal, I have actually worn this most of the year. It's the dream perfume in my eyes, and I literally cannot get enough of. Roll on summer for Bronze Goddess 2014.

Nailene 200 Petite squares: Although I've stopped wearing nails recently (I have no idea why, laziness probably) My favourite falsies have to be the Nailene Petite Squares. They are really short, wearable and have a "my nails but better" type of look to them. They are short square finish,, so they are only a little bit larger than natural nails and have such a lovely shape. I like that they are so small and perfectly sized for smaller hands and nail beds (like my own) Which means I don't have to spend ages filing them down to get them to fit. Coming in a handy 200 pack means whenever one pings off I can quickly and easily replace them. Hero.

Real Techniques Contouring Brush: I had to include a Real Techniques brush in my favourites, and I decided on the Contour brush. I just felt out of all the RT ones I own that this one was the one I liked the most. The small shape is perfect for sculpting the cheeks or depositing colour on the apples. While I really rave about all the RT brushes this one has been my favourite in 2013.

Origins No Puffery:  My sleeping pattern took a turn for the worse in 2013, so I was left with the puffiest, driest eyes ever. Although soon after discovering No Puffery my eye area calmed down and felt a lot more soothed. I actually keep this in my fridge, so I grab it as Im grabbing the milk for my wake up coffee. Smart.