Over the last few days of 2013, I'll be covering my top 5 products of the year. I'll be looking at my top 5 picks of skincare, face, eyes, lips, hair & more! Let me know your top 2013 products from each category in the comments!

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oribe maximising thickening spray, L'Oreal Ever Riche perfect elixir, Redken Anti Snap, Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil, Oribe dry TEXTURisING spray

ORIBE MAXIMISING THICKENING SPRAY:Designed to give the ultimate in BIG hair. And boy am I talking big. This pre-blowdry spray has been a daily hair saviour since purchase. Packing a serious boost in the volume department, like seriously. I cant even begin to explained it's effect on my hair, but my hair has reached brand new heights I never thought it'd meet since adding this to my routine. While we did have a love hate relationship at first, mainly down to the fact I was unsure of how much to use. It's very easy to over apply, One spray too many and my hair can go from perfect volume to 80's throwback or hair to rival my scene days. I love using this to give my hair a big blown out type of look - Plus the volume lasts right through into the next wash. Dreamy.

L'OREAL EVER RICHE PERFECT ELIXIR: A fuss free spray on hair mask, designed to use in the shower. Ideal for lazy girls like me who cannot be bothered to wait that extra 15-20 minutes for a hair mask to do its job. I generously (and I mean generously!) apply the mask to the ends of my hair after washing and leave for a minute or two before rinsing off. Hydrating and smoothing without a hint of faff. This was actually recommended to me by blog readers, so it's great to hear your product recommend sometimes! The Ever Riche range from L'Oreal is my favourite shampoo and conditioning duo of the year as well, but this edged over the finish line slightly more.

REDKEN ANTI SNAp: I could go on and on about how much I adore this post washing hair treatment. It really worked wonders on my broken, split and seriously damaged ends earlier in the year. I repurchased it about a month ago, and I forgot why I ever stopped using it on the first place. It's the best treatment I've ever used for dry and distressed hair and I throughout recommend checking it out if your in the market for a leave in hair treatment. It works almost instantly and over time can make a HUGE difference to the way your hair looks.

BUMBLE AND BUMBLE INVISIBLE OIL: Packed full of hair friendly ingredients this oil is super lightweight and just the thing for finer hair types. It never leaves my hair greasy, weighed down with frizz perfectly tamed. Spritzed into damp hair then gently combed through it leaves my hair feeling super soft and ready for styling. Great for detangling, fighting flyaways and protecting the hair from the elements. I chose this as a favourite as it's the only hair oil I went and repurchased in 2013. I've tried a fair few this year but have gone straight back to this one.

ORIBE DRY TEXTURISING SPRAY:This is hands down my favourite hair product of 2013. Oribe has really been my hero brand for haircare this year, and the Dry Texturising spray has really set the whole thing love affairoff. I've not used any other hair products (try as I might to find a dupe) that gives a similar effect to this one. Think matte, beachy messiness. It adds just the right amount of get to my hair to have that undone bedhead look without looking like I've just tumbled out of bed. Expensive, but sooo good.