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Sooooo. I got my hair did! Im super happy with it although the photos in this post don’t really do it justice. Though, there are more photos over on my beauty blog along with a bit more of a chat about the whole process and where I got it done. It's obviously really different from all the hair styles I've had since I started this blog and a big change in terms of length. I haven't had short hair since I was 15-16 so to get it all lopped off to start again was very brave of me. It was strangely cathartic getting rid of all that hair though. Weird how much hair can change how you feel. It's a girl thing.

As I was in the salon most of the day I really didn't have time to think about what I wore and just threw on the first thing that was near me at the time, which just so happened to me this snoozefest of an outfit! I got this top from the brand Choies. It's a brand I've heard a bit about but not enough to really give it a full look at. It's a bit like Romwe and sites like that, y'know highstreet seconds and a little bit of craziness thrown in for good measure. One of those sites that just has way too much stuff on to take the time to look through to find the gems. Im defintely one of those people that likes to have things displayed right infront of them. Although admittedly I got a I do like a fair few of the things that I really really like and cant wait to wear properly. Even though they are all on the small size! Eep.

I have no idea whats going on with Google Friend Connect at the moment. I keep hearing rumours it's gone but who know whats going on these days. I'll never understand why google does some things. Follow me on Twitter or on Bloglovin' to get my regular updates though!

Now excuse me while I go nap, I can't even put into words how exhausted I feel at the moment. But tomorrow's another day and I've got plenty to be getting on with before heading home over xmas in a few days. I'm also taking my friends to see Anchoman 2 (see my review here) and getting a massage in the evening. I then also need to find time to go to Westfields to pick up some Christmas presents. Sigh.