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What I Wore This Week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

001. I've had a mega lazy weekend, I've actually hardly done anything which is really shameful. I'm just totally exhausted at the moment. It was one of those days where you wake up and could easily go back to sleep for a few more hours. However, Today I went for brunch with my housemate at out favourite local cafe - Milk. It's so good, and we had a lovely breakfast feast. We then spent the rest of the day starting to rewatch Gossip Girl from the beginning. I stopped watching half way through series four and need to catch up again. The first series was definitely my favourite though!

002. I got my brows threaded a few days ago after leaving them for about 6 weeks. It's been a long old 6 weeks but I'm so glad I did it. My brows are literally exactly how I like them now so hopefully all they'll need now is the occasional threading top up. I hated leaving them for so long but I'm so ridiculously happy with the results of my year of eyebrow growth! I will do an updated eyebrow post over on my beauty blog at some point next week!

003. I thought I'd include a photo of my little Aerys as she hasn't been on the blog since I first got her a few months ago. She's grown so much over the past few months and is SO big these days. I'm going to a do an update/FAQ about her on the blog in the next few weeks so keep an eye put for that if you're interested in her. She's a proper little princess but has brought me so much joy I just melt every time I look at her little face.

004. I'm getting my hair done on Tuesday at Four London and having a bit of a transformation. Probably not going to be THAT major but I'm getting a fair amount snipped off, and it changed slightly. I'm excited and nervous as I've had long hair for so long! I've been experimenting with my hair loads recently, not because I'm unhappy with it, but I've never had such a light base shade so having the opportunity to play around with it. I've got to the point where I need to face up to the fact my hair was just ruined when I had that awful

005. If you want a sneak peek at tomorrows post I've uploaded a new get ready with me video over on my Youtube Channel which you can check out here.