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What I Wore This Week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

001. Yesterday afternoon I toddled off to Camden to get my chest piercing redone. Some of them (well most of them actually) rejected when I was really ill earlier in the year, so I had them removed. I also had my right wrist piercing removed as I’d been clinging on to the hope that it’d recover and settle again, but it just wouldn’t. I also ended up getting my rook pierced as I’ve always wanted to get more into ear piercings, but I hate my ears. I have those pointy elfy ears so the ones at the top which I love just wouldn’t look nice. So now I currently have three chest microdermal, a rook piercing and a wrist piercing on my left arm. I talked to my piercer about getting the fourth one on my chest redone, she said while it’s healing well I probably need a few months to get it back to the point I can get it done again. The scarring just needs to settle a little more. As I’m always asked, yes they hurt when I got them done. It’s so obviously that they do, but I swear I get asked every time someone clocks them! I found that the rook hurt more than my microdermal, although they hurt less than both of my facial piercings.

 002. I found out this week that I have to become a permanent member of the glasses club! I’ve been wearing them for work for about a year but I went and got retested and they were a lot worse than I thought. I wholeheartedly recommend going to get your eyes tested if you're struggling with your eyes. I didn’t realise how bad my eyesight had gotten until I went and got new glasses. I feel weird as I'm not used to them and to be honest while I'm still getting used to wearing them I probably won’t be wearing them on the blog all that much. I can see without them I just can’t read all that well! For the record, I wear Specsavers Osiris B75’s!

003. GREAT ODINS RAVEN. BY BEARD OF ZEUS. WELL THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY. I’m going to the Anchorman 2 premiere on Wednesday. How weird is that? Like seriously. Me. Anchorman. Premier. Paul Rudd. I LOVE LAMP. It probably sounds way more glamorous than it’s going to be as I'm actually doing Media, not Red Carpet (sob), but I get interview time with people which I’m holding out for. But I do get to see the film before it’s released and in the presence of some of my favourite people. Anchorman is legit my favourite film ever so it really has a lot to live up to. I’ll report back on this one!

004. I've also included my vlog video for the week. I talk about a few things I like about winter instead of being the moany mare I've been recently! I've been really enjoying vlogging at the moment and I've really got into making videos on a regular basis. It's really rewarding, although I think blogging is still my fave (: Remmeber to subscribe to both my beauty and fashion channel and my vlog channel!