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What I Wore This Week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
001. Currently nursing a little bit of a sore head after going a little cocktail crazy last night but it's one of those things that was the perfect end to a hectic week. I've literally been so busy this week with photoshoots, pitches for a project, visiting google and blogging. I've barely had a moment to myself. Its that season at the moment where life is so busy it's going to be a struggle to keep things up to scratch. But I love being busy and doing loads of things so I'm happy at the end of the day! I've got an ASOS xmas party and a dinner with TKMaxx this week. I think Im also going to Winter Wonderland with a brand tomorrow which Im so excited for. I'll make sure I take tons of snaps!

002. Currently wishing for this Acne Cardigan. I literally can't stop thinking about it. £250 on a cardigan is just wayyyy out of my price range.

003. Remember to enter my giveaway with O2 Guru TV to be in with a chance of winning a £200 ASOS voucher! Also theres 20% off on ASOS today (Sunday) using the code 20extra, just FYI.

004. I havent uploaded my video this week, but Im gonna keep trying to edit it and hopefully get it up tonight. Somethings wrong with my Mac so I can't actually get anything to work properly. It keeps dropping frames and just generally driving me a little bit mad! I'm gonna have to wait for my computer tech housemate to come back and give it a good seeing to!