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maybelline brow drama in dark brown £4:99

I don't often post negative reviews but when I do its when things are really bad. I don't tend to go into beauty products with the highest of hopes (as generally itset's you up for disappointment too much!) but when things really don't live up to their big big claims, then i'll rethink things. I recently reviewed the Maybelline Brow Drama and gave it a sort of so-so review. Loads of people in the comments said they really liked it so I was surprised that I didn't like it when so many people seemed to love it.

While I did admit within the review I think the shade I picked was a little light for my brows. I decided to go to Boots and purchase another just for research purposes. Call me mad, but I guess it's all in the name of blogging! To be honest, I still stand by my initial review, that I don't think it's worth it. But it might not be as awful as I first made out it was, but it defiantly won't give you Cara brows or add "drama" like the name suggests. I think my main issue is with the name, it just doesn't give you "drama".  It's misleading as it's a glorified tinted brow gel. If it was just marketed as a simple brow gel for taming brows then I'd be a lot happier with it.On my brows it doesn't add that much colour if you have dark brows to begin with and I still find they leave my brows slightly crispy looking with a light brown tinge.
Have you tried this product?