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outfit of the day

So that's it, all my outfits from 2013 in one big post. I decided to make a new page on my blog where you can see all my outfits from the past two years all in one place. Which is available here if you want to see all the outfits I've and compare how my style has changed (or not!).

Today I thought I'd talk about my favourite outfits of 2013. While there are a few questionable choices in 2013 for the majority of it, I really liked most of my outfits. My style hasn't changed much apart from noticeably a few more colours in my regular colour palette and more patterns and textures.
Outfit One: This made it into my top 10 because I really love the simplicity of the outfit. The cord Leggings add a bit of texture, the kimono adds just enough for the outfit to be taken from day to night and the rose gold jewellery accents compliment the look well. I also really love those shoes, I haven't worn them for a good while though! When I return to London they are going back into regular outfit rotation.

Outfit Two: When I saw this dress I proclaimed "THIS DRESS IS SO ME", but then I ended up getting it in such a non-me colour. I have no idea what drew me to the yellow but Im glad I gave it a go. Yellow really suits my colouring, but I never really wear it. Seeing this outfit has reminded me to dig out that dress again and get some more wear out of it. I know I've worn it more than once, I just must not have photographed it those days!

Outfit Three: This is just a really fail safe casual but cool outfit. I love Lazy Oaf, and I bought a fair few things from them in 2013. I often wear this top to bed rather than out, so it's in constant washing rotation, but I just love how cool the printed eyes look in a monochrome outfit. I also love those Topshop Arabel Boots with things like this, they add just enough interest to a basic outfit to give a little twist.

Outfit Four: I cant put my finger on why I liked this outfit so much, but when I started planning this post I knew I wanted to include this. My Topshop Boutique shorts went into regular outfit rotation of a while during the "summer", I loved exploring a new style of bottom. As I've never really worn shorts before. I just found them a bit unflattering. The quilting paired with silk and the pop of neon collar just really works for me. This might be my favourite outfit of the year to be honest!

Outfit Five: I wore this to Wireless on the day we saw Justin Timberlake and Snoop Doog. I remember it being super hot and quite overwhelming that day and I had no idea what to wear. I decided to go all black with a touch of leopard in the form of a bomber jacket. I just wanted something cool but also chic. I pulled out a pair of cat ears to add to the festival vibes. Because if you cant wear cat ears at a festival when can you?

Outfit Six: I threw this on for breakfast at the Breakfast Club one hungover morning but was surprisingly happy with the results. I love how bright and cheery the whole look is without looking too overdone. If you remember earlier in the year, I had an accident on a night out and ended up getting that beautiful little Zara neon bag covered in blood. Im still bitter about it to this day. It was just so cute.

Outfit Seven: This outfit is mega simple, yet I absolutely love it. I wore it Bank Holiday weekend with my friend Matt. I think the pink hair sets the whole thing off, it's quite plain, but it adds a bit of a pop. I love the way it pulls the whole look together. Im not really a flower crown person, I always think they look a bit silly; However I totally love it in this look. I also had so much love for the brand The Whitepeper in 2013, cant wait to see what they come up with in 2014 as no doubt my collection of smock dresses will expand!

Outfit Eight: It was a toss up between my blue suit outfit of this outfit for my favourite LFW outfit and I think this one is the one I prefer. I just like how it's very me but still "fashion weeky" enough. Lots of layering, black and then a big pop in the form of that paisley skirt. I love these sunglasses too, they were just so flattering on my face shape and perfect for hiding my LFW tiredness!

Outfit Nine: Oh this outfit is another of my ultimate favourites. I love the use of texture, print and colour. And also my love affair with fedoras started around this point. They've barely left my head ever since. But that bag tho… I also love how tanned I look in this photo. Maybe I need to bust out the fake tan again!

Outfit Ten: This outfit probably sums up my style at the moment. Big coat textured accents and prints. All together they work so well to make a really sleek but cute outfit. I worried about getting those two pieces to work within my wardrobe, but they've slipped in so effortlessly I cannot complain.

So that's it! Please let me know in comments what your favourite outfit of mine, I'd love to know. Normal Lily Melrose stuff will resume in the new year. I have a very TLDR end of year summary coming up in the next few days, but for now Im going to enjoy the last few days back with my family and work out how Im going to shift my extra holiday lbs!