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asos coat
monki jumper
miss selfrdige necklace*

I did take full lengths of this outfit but I didn't like them so they've gone straight into the trash folder. Awkward poser is awkward. I've just been working on my blog all day today- I filmed a video and started drafting some posts for when Im away over Christmas so I just grabbed jeans and a jumper. Comfy and warm. I've wanted a nice comfy maroon jumper for ages and I saw this one in Monki earlier in the week and snapped it up. It's really soft and not too thick which I personally like. Also major love to my ASOS Mandem shoes, they are just so perfect.

I went to a Youtube Christmas Party last night and it was so much fun! I met loads of new people and hopefully made a ton of new friends. It was really weird walking into a room and knowing who loads of people are but them having no idea who you are. It's kinda surreal but awesome at the same time. Youtube is a fun place, but so odd! Tonight I'm undecided about going out or staying in. I really want to go out as I really want to let off some steam but at the same time I'd quite happily curl up and sleep for a bit. Someone help me decide?