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I'm an occasional watch wearer. I normally wear a white or black Swatch watch religiously but I've misplaced my black one and I thought it was about time I updated and bought a proper everyday watch.  the only other watch I own apart from that is a Micheal Kors watch, which I like but I don't wear it very often  cause it doesn't go with my jewellery. While I do like the way rose gold and silver looks together, Sometimes it just doesn't work all that well. I wanted something simple and understated, big but not too big but also quite plain and silver. Definitely silver.

Ernest Jones offered me a piece from their extensive range of timepieces and I ended up picking this Marc Jacobs Watch. I had my eye on another style but the silver colour wasn't available so I ends up deciding on this one.  I adore the watch as it sits so nicely on my wrist and is perfect for everyday wear. It does have a sort of diamante gems within the face but they aren't too bling-y so I don't think it looks to overdone.  I love the simple-fuss free design, really simple but still has that wow factor. I normally stay away from anything too obviously branded, but I don't find the Marc Jacobs emblazoned upon the watch too off putting either.

 PS. I also included a photo of me in my glasses because people keep asking me what I look like with them on. To be honest I don't even recognise myself anymore. I seem to have transformed a bit over the past month with out even trying ha. It's surprising how much a haircut and spectacles can change a person's look!