review swatch photo
review swatch photo

Kiko Winter Sunscreen: £9.90*
Kiko Hydrating Mousse: £13.90*

Kiko Hands and Lips & Winter Balm: £8.90*

I've talked before a little about the newbie on the UK Beauty scene but well respected Italian makeup brand: KIKO Make Up Milano. For an upcoming release, KIKO has produced a range of innovative skincare items all with a nod towards protecting skin from the elements. Designed to energise the skin, boost radiance and aid a glowing complexion. Winter skin problems include chapping, dryness, irritation and redness. It's when out skin is most stressed out, vulnerable and in need of a bit of extra TLC.

KIKO Winter Sunscreen: A 2 in 1 product designed with winter skin in mind. Boasting as SPF 30 The facial SPF disappears into the skin instantly and leaves a matte finish, the formula feels rich and nourishing without a hint of greasiness. The formula of the sunscreen is rich but also very light and sinks in easily. I love that it’s multi use as well, so it cuts down on space. The rounded stick tip contains a SPF infused balm. I love how the balm feels on my lips, hydrating without feeling greasy or tacky. I did feel like it sort of made my lips look a little milky in colour (it sort of had a white cast), but I didn't dislike it. This product can be used on the eye area, lips and the face so it would be perfect for ski holidays.

KIKO Hydrating Mousse: I don’t really know how I feel about this product… Its described as a detoxifying hydrating mousse for the face, but I can’t really work out what it’s intended to do. I can’t find a press release on it and after googling it paired with my rusty language skills. I seem to have worked out it’s a sort of like a moisturiser detoxifier? I'm not 100% sure. It feels cooling, pleasant and light on the face… but what else it does I just can’t work out. Maybe it's just don't “get” what the product actually does!

KIKO Hands & Lips Winter Balm: I’m not big on hand creams, but I do quite like this one. It’s fragrance free and feels very nourishing, sinking in quickly and not leaving a greasy residue behind. This time the lip balm is concealed in the lid of the tube and comes with a built in mirror which is a nice addition but not really necessary as the balm is clear so you can apply it without a mirror. This balm doesn't contain SPFI like that it’s a two in one type product as it cuts down on space

Out of this trio of products, I think my pick would be the KIKO Winter Sunscreen. I feel like it’s a great product overall. I like that it has a matte finish while also having a high SPF. I steer clear of separate facial sunscreens as they always feel a bit too greasy, but this might have changed my opinion. While I like the KIKO Hands and Lips Winter Balm, if it had a rounded tip like the Winter Sunscreen I’d enjoy it a lot more. The whole range feels a bit "no frills" as it has no noticeable scent or taste, so depending on your feelings towards scent then it might be good or bad! I personally quite like that as skincare with fragrance often breaks me out. Although saying that It might be nice to have a bit of scent in the Hand Cream, maybe a vanilla or a peppermint to add to the whole "wintery" feel. Maybe if I work out what the KIKO Hydrating Mouse actually does I might like it! Who knows? I have some superficial niggles, but not actual problems with any of these products. Overall a great little range of products for the cooler months.

This range from Kiko Make Up Milano is available from KIKO stores and online at
Have you tried any winter specific skincare?