BUMBLE & BUMBLE SPRAY CHALKS review swatch photo

bumble & bumble spray chalks: £15*

Last week I popped along to a Bumble & Bumble event, to talk their new products and have a better look at their SprayChalks. I'd had them applied on me in store a few weeks prior so I was egarly awaiting their event to get a better look. Bumble & Bumble Spraychalks come in four pastel hues and are perfect for adding a bit of quirkiness to your hair. They are dry spray on hair colours, and remind me a bit of those spray on hair colours you can pick up from places like Clarie's Accessories as a kid, but just a little more refined. The pastel colour makes them look a little edgier and less in your face than their lower priced counterparts. Application is simple,  spray in and wash out. I felt they shed quite a lot and I ended up with a lot of residue left on my coat and top but no staining of the hair. While I sort of liked the effect they gave, it looked dry and... chalky. I know it's a hair chalk but it completely dried out my hair, in comparison to the L'Oreal Hair chalks which are the bomb. In all I feel they are massively overpriced for such a small can of hair product that is distinctly average. I can't see them lasting more than a few applications as they are so mini. I don't think they work as well as they could do, and after seeing these sprays in dark hair it just looks like a cake mess. Maybe if they were at a lower price point then I'd be more willing to recommend them, theres nothing wrong with them really. It's a fundamentally average product, looks cool but just way too overpriced.
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