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The Bleach Super Cool Colours launched earlier on in the year to a bit of a fanfare in the blogosphere. If you didn't know, Bleach is a well respected East London hair salon specialising in all sorts of crazy hair colours. Over time they have become more than just Tumblr darlings. Over the last three years, the salon has gone from strength to strength and are responsible for at least 80% of the coloured hair trends in recent history. Today I'm going to talk about the Bleach Super Cool Colours. I've seen a mixed reaction to these dyes on blogs over the past few months, so I thought as I own a fair few I'd review the shades I have and give my thoughts on them after using them myself at home.

All the Bleach Super Cool Colour dyes are all blue based. Most noticeably would be Washed Up Mermaid which I found came out pure blue on my hair despite looking a turquoise green on the packaging. Blue is a notably hard pigment to remove from the hair, typically once it's applied it sticks around. While I've never had issues with any of the colours staining my hair I know there were a lot of complaints about Bleach Super Cool Colour in Parma Violets (which I think has been recalled). I know that Zoe also had issues with a mix of Washed Up Mermaid and Out of the Blue looking patchy on her hair and not being pigmented as she wanted it to be.

I know most of the shades are designed to be pastel, but I feel all the Bleach Super Cool Colours are really lacking in pigmentation. While you might argue that if they are staining hair they are pigmented, but I just mean apart from the blue, the other pigments don't stick around. The majority of the shades I own barely come out in my hair and while it's not peroxide/white blonde it is fairly light.  I also feel that most of the swatches on the packaging are very inaccurate. But admittedly I don't have white blonde hair to begin with so they are obviously going to look different on different base colours. Saying all this the colours do work fine on the hair. I found Rose worked best on my hair tone and lasted three washes before being completely removed with no staining.

I really like the packaging and over all look and feel of the product. It has a really cool old school DIY zine feel to them which I really like and reflects the salon well. I actually keep all my hair colours out on display because I like how they look all lined up. That's pretty nerdy of me but it really makes me smile. I really like is the scent and how nourishing the base conditioner of the product is.  Using a conditioning base when dying your hair does stop colour from taking, But on the other hand they do stop dyes from being so pigmented. All the colours washed out well before there 10 wash claims, with Bruised Violet taking the longest as it's the darkest shade I own.

Bottom line is would I recommend the Bleach Super Cool Colours? For me personally I've only had a positive experience with them so I guess I would recommend them. Although if I'm being totally honest I really don't think they are as good as they could be. Coming from a brand like Bleach I thought they'd be out of this world, creative and top of their game. When in reality I feel like they are a bit of a flop. I don't feel like the colours are good enough and I really don't feel like they have been tested enough. I've seen far too many complaints about the Super cool Colours for such a new launch. While obviously there is going to be teething problems they should have been ironed out before being released.

Truth be told, I don't think they are amazing or groundbreaking. I do think brands like Crazy Colours ; La Riche Directions pack a more pigmented punch and they are a lot cheaper. They just aren't as easily available as the Bleach versions. Bleach Super Cool Colours are fine, they do a decent job and worked quite well (on me) but they are just so average. I also don't feel like they are the "same" dyes as they use in their salons, which they claim. I've seen countless friends get there hair done at Bleach and it's always come out absolutely perfect, not a spot of patchiness or unevenness.

It's a shame as I was excited about and I truly do believe in Bleach as a brand. I know when it comes to dying your hair crazy colours its always going to be hit and miss. It's not quite as simple as slapping on a box hair dye and it goes that shade. Be really careful and always do a strand test. Like I said I do like them, Im just overall left a bit disappointed as they could be SO much better.

shade reviews & additional thoughts

Bleach Super Cool Colour in Rose: A lavender based pink. Washed out of my hair with three shampoo's & didn't stain my hair. I really like this and have used it a few times on my hair. This was the shade originally had used on me at the preview to create pink dip dye. It came out a lot more pigmented than I'd imagined.

Bleach Super Cool Colour in Awkward Peach: This one did absolutely nothing to my hair. I think it's just because it's too pastel to take to my already warm/creamy blonde shade. I'd only recommend using this if your hair is pre lightened/white blonde to give subtle orange tones.

Bleach Super Cool Colour in Washed Up Mermaid: A blue based green, When I used this none of the green took to my hair. It just looked like I'd used a blue dye, which was disappointing. The swatch makes this one looks like a turquoise shade. Personally I don't think it contains enough yellow to make it look like it does in the photo. If this was mixed with Seapunk it might make it more like the swatched colour on bottle. I also spoke to a lady who'd used this and it really really stained her hair, even with colour removing shampoo's she was still left with a green tint and needed to get it bleach bathed to remove it.

Bleach Super Cool Colour in Seapunk: A peppy green with a blue undertone. On the packaging, this looks like a cool icy mint green and I feel this came true to swatch on my hair. A light creamy green.

Bleach Super Cool Colour in Bruised Violet: This is the most pigmented of all the shades that I personally own. It's a very deep purple shade with a pinky/red undertone. It did look very purple on the first wash, but after the second it went blue, but didn't stain my hair.  As this is quite pigmented you could always mix it down with a conditioner to make it lighter.

Have you tried any of the Bleach hair colours?