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Patricia's Outfits: DAY // Shirt - H&M, Jumper - H&M, Trousers - Zara, Shoes- Schuh, Necklace Urban Outfitters
NIGHT // Top- River Island, Necklace - Primark, Shoes - Zara, Bag- Bang Bang Vintage
Gavins Outfits: DAY // Skirt - Topshop, Shoes - River Island, Top - River Island
NIGHT // Jacket - Primark, Necklace - River Island, Bangle - Topshop
A few weeks ago just before I was ill with laryngitis. I was whisked off to a Top Secret Studio in London somewhere (it was in Farringdon, but it sounds cooler this way) to judge a little catwalk style off with O2 Guru Gavin & the ever so beautiful Patricia Bright. They were giving some of the top Fashion App's a whirl in an attempt to create a day to night look. My fellow judges were Poppy D from WIWT & Amy from Wolf Whistle. We all had different ideas and different styles, so our thoughts on the outfits were mixed but in the end we felt the right person won in the end. Patricia's picks were on point, and the app's really helped things come together perfectly.

I've never actually used any fashion App's on my phone before. Infact I barely use any apps opn my phone! I'm a lover of Instagram but beyond that I've never explored. It was fun seeing how Patricia utilised an app to get inspiration for her looks while Gavin used the app to check out the latest trends. I also never knew the Zara app showed you what was in stock at the store. That's so handy if you're in a rush and need to pick an outfit beforehand!

I always hate being filmed or doing talking on camera professionally. I find it weird being in front of the camera after doing so much styling recently compared to being in front of the camera but I actually managed to watch this video of myself a few times without dying of cringe. I'm so proud for a change. I had such a fun day filming with O2 and I had a blast being part of such a great panel, giving feedback to some equally as awesome people. Gavin is such a hoot and the whole evening shoot was so chilled despite the high pressure camera nervousness!

Check out the videos below for the full outfits and more on the app's in use! And make sure you scroll down a bit more to enter a fab giveaway!

Like I said there is a giveaway of this post too! To be in with a change of winning a £200 ASOS voucher and a £15 app store voucher, All you need to do is answer the question "Which app did Patricia use to get her outfit inspiration from?". Just type the answer into the Rafflecopter form below and once it closes a winner will be picked at random! T&C's can be seen here


  1. Lily! I watched this vid the other day, you all did great! :)
    UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  2. I literally loved this

  3. Amazing post !!!!!

    Hope to see you there!

  4. I had laryngitis a few weeks ago as well, it was horrible! :( Glad you hear you've been feeling better and thanks for the giveaway!

  5. that's a wonderful giveaway! :)

  6. You look so professional, its great to see you doing so well!
    great prize as well :)

  7. Looks super cool !

  8. I hope you recovered quickly from your laryngitis. I've been in bed all day with it - I'm hoping it passes quickly :-(
    Laura xx

  9. Such a cool giveaway, sadly only for uk residents :( It sounds like an awesome opportunity and I am really jealous that you got this chance :)
    Lisa xx

  10. looks like you had a blast! I loved the outfit with the tartan trousers. and a great giveaway too, you're spoiling us ;) xx


  11. you are great my dear :) xx


  12. Aww you looked so cute in this video

    B L O G:

    Y O U T U B E:

  13. Definitely immediately downloaded all of these apps. Looked and sounded lovely on the video as well :)

  14. You did really well Lily! Those outfits look really nice! I love the tartan trousers but I did like the contrast of the bright pop colours and darks on the other one, plus I always wear flats!

    *Fingers crossed*

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