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I had planned to post my weekly video today but the light was going so I snapped a quick outfit post/sunday post type thing which I haven't done for a while!

001. I've toned my hair pink for a bit as we all know I just can't leave it alone. I'll be doing a review of it tomorrow on my beauty blog but I'm quite happy with it. It'd gotten so light but also gone a little green and it was just washing me out a bit. So toning it back a little with pink has brightened it up a little and warmed it all up a bit! It's a little bit like candy floss! Love it.

002. Look how big Aerys is now! She's probably about 16 weeks now and is a proper little madam. I think she's going though a bit of terrorist period as she's been driving me crazy all day! Knocking everything over, breaking my mirror and giving me a fat lip. She's the sweetest most loving cat but I think she must have hit either her terrible two's or her teenage period because she's such a grump! I bought her some new toys in the hope it'll tire her out a bit more but if you have any tips on calming crazy kitties they'll be very much appreciated. I have thought about letting her outside but I had always planned on keeping her as a house cat. She's probably hitting that age now where I could let her out. I live in a really residential area with a closed off area around the back of my house. I just worry about her getting lost or having a fight with other cats (lots of cats on my street!). Im such a mother when it comes to her!

003. I'm having RSS issues with both my blogs at the moment so you might not be seeing posts even though I have posted. It's a feed burner issue which I'm hoping is sorted soon as I've seen a huge drop in traffic in the last week because of this. Sigh! I know I had loads of issues with my blog not showing up in Blogger Dashboards for ages but that should be fixed now. So if I don't come up then unfollow my blog and follow again, then it should come up. If not you should follow using Bloglovin or just keep up to date with my social media (Twitter/Facebook)

004. I feel really back in the zone when it comes to blogging again. I've sorted my daily routine out and put the structure back in my life that I always need to get things done. I might talk a little about my blogging routine next week on my blog if I can think of anything wise to actually write about it. I really struggle with the concept of running my blog as a business despite it being my job. I think it takes the fun out of it so I don't take it too seriously, but I really should probably push myself a little more because things get lost in the shuffle so easily these days in blogging. It's such a over saturated market and really hard to get noticed. Even harder than it was back when I started and it wasn't even a quarter as popular as it is now.

005. If you follow one person at the moment then I really really really recommend Gabi. Honestly, this girl is going to be the next big thing can feel it!