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001. Bringing back the old Sunday post format. I have no idea why I stopped doing it, I think I just got sick to death of roundup style posts seeing as I chat about everything in the week and I started doing lifestyle posts at the weekend... and I'd normally be suffering from a lovely hangover! Considering I've not been out at all the past few weeks due to insufficient funds I thought I'd bring an ol' favourite back to life! I only started doing it when I didn't show my face on the blog much but I think even I'm sick to death of seeing my side on smug face every day!

002. I made a video this week on how to get a glamourous wave hair look over on my channel. You can watch it here. There is also a giveaway attached to it so make sure you enter if you haven't done already! I returned loads of things that have been lurking in my room for ages yesterday but ended up just exchanging them for other things so I'm going to do a haul video next on my channel. Please feel free to leave any requests below!

003. I spent the day doing a HUGE clear out of all my things. I've boxed up beauty things to send to my local women's charity as well as a package I need to get to Give & Makeup. I also reorganised my wardrobe and removed all my summer clothes to make way for the winter stuff. I hardly have enough space as it is in my wardrobe for the clothes I own, so giving it a huge refresh and rethink was definitely in order! I'm going to donate most of it to my local charity shops and the woman's shelter rather than going through the faff of selling it on ebay unfortunately!

004. Next week is a busy one, I've got loads on and a big project I've been working on (rebrand for a fashion brand) is finally coming to a close. I've been super busy this past few months which is great. I feel like Im finally back on top of my work load, my blogging schedule is in sync and everything lifewise is working out. Im a workaholic at heart so it's brilliant actually having the motivation back to do everything I need to do on a daily basis. Routines are literally the only thing that keeps me in check. I may do the same things at the same time every single day but that's just what works for me!

005. I'm currently on the hunt for a shearling style bomber jacket and a new leather jacket. My trusty Primark one has finally bitten the dust and I've been searching for a new one ever since. The leather jacket I've had my eye on is low in stock so Im not going to link it (selfish but I wannnttt), but trust me it's lovely! But Shearling wise I've had my eye on this one from Missguided, This one from Miss Selfridge and this one from ASOS. At the moment the Missguided one is winning but Im not sure how I feel about it being so cropped. It's just a little bit to short for what I'd like. I might order it and see what happens!