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Todays outfit is filed under "what I picked out my wardrobe first". I woke up feeling crappy as my sciatica has come back, but I had a meeting at Google, and then I've had some other things I've got to do today. If anyone suffers from reoccurring back pain you know what its like, literally the worst thing ever and it can really put a dampener on the whole day. Sigh.

I'm addicted to these tartan trousers at the moment, and I've admittedly worn them for the third time this week. I just really like the fit, the colour and the pattern. I am a bit obsessed with the tartan and plaid at the moment and have accumulated quite a few pieces over the past month or so. I just think its the perfect A/W print for this season and can be dressed in a sort of punky way or in a 90's Clueless way. Really versatile depending on your own personal style... or if you're like me how you fancy dressing that day!