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001. Whoa posting late today! Completely forgot that I hadn't actually written on the blog today! How naughty of me! Im not normally that forgetful as it's part of my routine but sometimes things just totally slip my mind. I woke up super early today for no reason at all so in theory had plenty of time to get stuff done. Even though today I've been working on a video, went for coffee and strudel at Kipferl and caught up with some of my best friends. Im really rubbish at keeping in contact with people and I'm the most flakey friend ever so it felt good to have all my messages, read, replied and sorted for the next week! I must make a conscious effort to keep in touch with people in the future!

002. Tomorrow I have a photoshoot where I'll be hanging out with some of my favourite blogger babes. It should be really fun despite having a horribly early call time! Even though I woke up crazy early today so maybe I'll be alright. Not sure if Im going to vlog it or not yet so we shall see! I really enjoy doing vlogs so Im considering doing Vlogmas over the month of December, but I suck at keeping to routines when it comes to filming. Especially at the moment because I can't keep up with my two main channels and one vlog. So Im not going to promise anything. I might just do more videos in December rather than committing to a schedule! We'll see, my daily life is generally really boring as all I do is blog but Im sure I'll do a few more exciting things in the future!

003. I just posted a haul of some new drugstore items over on my youtube channel which you can check out here. My give-away for a Nicky Clarke styler is over at midnight today, all you need to do is comment on the video and let me know who your hairspiration is to be in with a chance of winning the styler I demonstrate in the video!

004. I decided to keep the jacket I mentioned earlier in the week and wasn't so sure about on Wednesday. I really like it and the more I wore it the more people complimented me on it and I cannot fault it's warmness at all. So cosy and snug for the cooler months. I'm glad I decided to get this one even though it is actually a dark navy rather than my usual black. It just works much better when contrasted against the cream!

PS. I've decided to start doing Sunday Portraits again but calling them sunday posts rather than portraits, Im hardly the most artistic when it comes to taking a snazzy photo of myself!