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So I currently have Laryngitis, Although I if you follow my blog you'd know that I get loads of reoccurring throat infections with Strep throat is my usual one. I really should look into getting my tonsils removed... But this time I caught Layrngitis off my housemate, so I'm feeling wholly rubbish today. Luckily I'm armed with a stockpile of Tyrozets and special mouthwash for oral infections. Plus my trusty red lipstick to make it look like I'm not actually that ill. Red lips distract everyone! None the less I have stuff to do this afternoon (which doesn't involve my throat thank goodness!) so I had to get dressed anyway. Therefore as usual I as well do an outfit post.

I decided to go with my go-to "by terry hyaluronic hydra powder.. but with a plot twist in the form of my fedora. Wild. I wear this outfit all the time, and I can think of at least 3 occasions where I've already worn this outfit on the blog. Who says bloggers don't repeat outfits? Well I do... more often than I think I do! Someone kindly tracked this jumper down for me years ago when it was sold out everywhere, and I decided that I needed it in my life as soon as possible! Was so kind of the girl who found it for me I wish I could remember who, because to this day Im still thankful as I wear it at least once a week without fail. It's the perfect sort of lazy but dressed nicely type of jumper!

I also did a tutorial of my hair over on my beauty blog as part of my partnership with TRESemme if you wanted to see how I did it! It's crazy, and so 80's but I actually love it! Also its not actually this blonde looking (probably looks most like the second photo down) than the first photos suggest. I have no idea why it always looks so light in the full length photos!
I was supposed to be finishing up my Lookbook for my channel but Im just going to leave till I feel up to finishing it now. I still need to work out my upload schedule for my Youtube but I might just post whenever I feel like it in future. I don't see the point of promising things I cant always stick to. I wish I was organised enough to schedule in advance but Im just not that kind of person

Now excuse me while I go drink lots of hot tea and try and soothe my throat a bit. Well... Im actually going to Bodeans for dinner but meat is a cure for all right? Love ya!