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river island jacket (LAST SEASON, similar here & here)

primark fedora

miss selfridges necklace 

I have a feeling that this week is going to be check/tartan/plaid week on the blog. I returned a lot of clothes the other day and somehow managed to exchange it all for a variety of printed items. On the other hand, this blazer was something I picked up in the sale at the beginning of the year, I wore it a few times, and I completely forgot about it. As I mentioned on Sunday, I did a HUGE wardrobe clear out this weekend and then spotted this lurking folded right at the back of my wardrobe. It's perfect as it fits right into my new plaid obsession and right into my winter wardrobe. Clearing my wardrobe out has made me rediscover some of my old favourite. You know those items that got lost in the shuffle, and you forget how much you love them. I've got loads of outfit inspiration, and I cant wait to wear them again.

I bought this bag the other day as well... I feel a bit guilty as I really didn't need a new bag but SO FLUFFY. I really like the burgundy version as well but I really cannot justify it... Saying that I bet I'll have it in a few weeks time knowing what Im like! Also, You could probably make a drinking game based on the times I've worn a fedora in the past couple of months!