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Miss Selfridge Kimono (v. old!)
ASOS fur collar
Primark Hat

I think we can file today under grumpy and cross referenced with cannot be bothered. I think I've woken up on completely the wrong side of the bed, and so far everything just isn't going right! My throat is awful today. It feels like I've swallowed a bag of razorblades and the back of my throat has been swapped for sandpaper. Not the greatest. I've got a video shoot with a brand at 4 (even though this should go live at 5, so I'll be filming now?) so I'm really struggling at the moment trying to get the stuff that I need to do done before that happens. Moan Moan Moan. Everyones allowed a good moan when they are unwell right? JUSTIFY ME, Please?

Todays outfit is basically another of my "I can't be bothered, but I still want to look nice" type of outfits. Simple jeans and a vest with a printed kimono or jacket thrown over for a bit of outfit oomph!