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Quick video outfit of the day for what I wore yesterday when I went into central to go shopping and catch up with my pals. I thought it was a little bit gothic with all the netting and the tulle hence the nod towards vampires! I'd have loved to have used A-Punk or something as the background but obvious copyright issues. It's my biggest gripe with video making not being able to use the music you think would be perfect for the video. I wasn't sure about this dress at first, I don't ever wear things that are this length as I feel they make me look shorter, but I quite liked the tulle and strong mix of girly but also quite tough. I really like the grey version of this dress as well which I think might worm its way into my wardrobe sometime soon.

I'm off to do loads of life admin now I'm back in London! Fun sundays! I have loads to sort out, bedroom to clean, kitty to cuddle, and I also need to think about what to make for dinner. I miss my mum's cooking already.